Context of Odisha

With high rainfall, large number of water bodies and supply constrained markets, fisheries has large untapped potential for enhancement of livelihoods and nutrition in Adivasi districts of Odisha. Large water spread area under existing water bodies in private and public ownership of various sizes and seasonality offers good scope for making an impact with small technical, development and institutional interventions. There is still potential for developing many more water bodies with public investments like MGNREGS, IWMP and others. Such water bodies help in water conservation, in regulating peak run-off flows and in creating additional sources of irrigation, besides fish production.

Under SPPIF, following are key interventions under fisheries:-

  • Establishing fish-nurseries and facilitating shift to fingerling /yearlings in stocking
  • Organising input and output markets/ enterprises through the producers’ organisations with a focus on local enterprises and markets
  • Piloting inclusion of indigenouus fish species along with IMC species
  • Promotion of pond based integrated farming approach by including duckery, goatery and horticulture
  • Infrastructure/ enterprises development along with producers’ organisation as Hatchery, custom hiring center, feed making entrepreneurs etc.
  • Inventorying and characterisation of water bodies using mobile-GIS-web based IT platform
  • Developing a cadre of the grass-roots community resource persons through intensive technical training
  • Organising fish farmers and establishing their producers' organisation at the block level. Establishing Fisheries' Resource Centre at the Block level managed by the Producers' Organisation.

The SPPIF is for enhancing production, income and household level food security & reducing climate risks will be the focus. Return Home.